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Being by myself

never had no one

never knew what it felt like

nothing but all alone

Always wonder where you go

to have a broken heart

to miss someone

when you’re apart

I don’t know if it can hurt more

when you have dreams

when they don’t come true

one and one is always me

Now as I get older

the tears are no longer there

the phone never ever rang

it just doesn’t seem fair

me, 2022

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Saying goodbye

So over on one of my other blogs last night, the Talk Librarian, I wrote a post talking about my dad and how much he meant to me. I said that maybe me being back at that community college where he and I both worked at is a chance to truly say goodbye to him. I later spent a year as a campus organizer there with a group called MoPIRG, the Missouri chapter of the Public Interest Research Group and it was during that time when I wrote some of my favorite poems, a few of which I’ve already posted. I think maybe I have a few more poems from there left to be written.

Sincerely –

Poem Librarian

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Today’s walk

So the other day I decided to walk up to where my dad’s office was. Sitting here tonight, I’m trying to remember what his desk looked like. I can remember what his first office looked like. It was actually in the building next door. While it hasn’t happened yet, I feel like there’s a poem here just waiting to get out.

Sincerely –

Poem Librarian

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Why I wake early

Looking through the books I have checked out from the library here next to my bed, including three from Mary Oliver, and even though I haven’t been able to get out and take pictures, I can do a little reading. The one that I think I’ll start with is Why I Wake Early, New Poems by Mary Oliver. The picture on the front cover reminds me of the lake our family cabin sits on.

Sincerely –

Poem Librarian

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It feels like forever since I’ve been able to get outside and take some pictures. I think it’s my time out in nature that helps inspire me and my writing. Since I haven’t been able to get out however, I’ve decided to do the next best thing to inspire me and that’s read. The article I’ve chosen to read is the article entitled “Slow Travel: Walking in Wales” by Dominique Browning over in the New York Times. I think sometimes, it’s best to get back to your roots. After all, Wales is one of the places my family is from.

Sincerely –

Poem Librarian